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the movie has been leaked


i am honestly so upset and disappointed right now. an anon has just sent me the link to the movie. it was filmed at the cinema, is in a different language and the quality is awful, but it’s there.

i am begging you guys to not watch the movie online, and to not go looking for…

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I can’t wait to see what will go on between couples at dinner after they see the movie. There are so many interesting tectonic shifts. When the people I’ve shown the movie come out of it, they are either Team Amy or Team Nick. Team Amy doesn’t have a single quibble about her behavior, and Team Nick doesn’t have any problems with his. Then there are people who primarily measure it against the book and how they felt about the characters in the book. And the narrative of the movie is vastly denuded from the way it’s allowed to grow and bloom in the novel. It wasn’t a defoliation as much as a deforestation. Once you got it back to the branches and the trunk, it was pretty easy to see that this movie was going to be about who we are and who we present to those we are endeavoring to seduce. And the absurdity of that difference needed to be part of the two-and-a-half-hour fabric in a much bigger way than in the novel. For me, the 30 percent of the novel that’s about who we present—our narcissistic façades—becomes the entire foundation of the movie.

When we started working together, the biggest concern was how we would represent the two voices. Gillian [Flynn] quickly adapted to the structure that the “she said” is in flashback and the “he said” is being lived out in front of you. And you question which one is reliable or if either of them are. When we pruned back, Amy’s “cool girl” speech becomes central to the exploration of “we’ve been married five years now and I can’t get it up any more to be that person you were initially attracted to and I’m exhausted by it and I’m resentful that you still expect this.” And you throw in a little homicidal rage and it’s a fairly combustible idea. Does that make sense? [Much laughter] I’m so sorry I made this movie: it’s just not marketable.

David Fincher discusses the structure of Gone Girl.

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Rose Bowl, 12/9

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We don’t belong here.

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"We got work to do."

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"guys are always hitting on me its SO annoying" 


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Countdown to Season 4 - Week Eight: Favorite Overall Season
      "I’m goddamn plucky, remember?"

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It’s days like today that remind me, life is extremely fragile and we need to appreciate every single second and never forget how lucky we are to simply exist. Thank you Samantha Marq for capturing in a single frame the true essence that lives and breathes through Lauren and I on a daily basis. Words of advice to everyone that happens to read this post… Burn that candle, drink that “special” bottle of wine and never lose sight of how perfect each and every one of you are. Explore this beautiful world and surround yourself with people you love and are inspired by. Also, peanut butter cookies and milk are hands down the best combination of food/drink items that has ever existed. I love cookies so much. And also pizza.

- Aaron on Instagram.
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"I know you’ll never hear this, but someday…there may be someone who should know about you…us. Your name was Gwen Stacy. Mine is Peter Parker. This is the story of how we fell in love.”

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